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  Facilitation ... should bring out the best in you

The best job description of a facilitator is actually a Chinese saying:

A good leader is someone the people love. A bad leader is someone the people hate. But a truly great leader is one where the people say: We did it ourselves. Replace 'leader' with 'facilitator', and then you have it.

Facilitators should have special skills:
  • neutrality - without having no opinion
  • professionalism - without the arrogance of those who know
  • empathy - without denying their own identity
  • trustworthyness - without betraying the trust that is given to them
  • patience - without loosing sight of the goal

Some Feedback:
"Well organized, disciplined on sticking to the time schedule, very good facilitation."
"Good workshop - it delivered beyond expectations."
"Very interesting and challenging meeting."
"Very good. I hope this workshop will have real impact on the future strategy of our company."
"I liked best the amazing group dynamics which continuously formed ... the brainstorming and ideas coming from different people"
"It was a great combination of using creativity and reason"
"The way abstract, uncertain and concrete things came together"
"The methodology was able to open up so many options and then come down to concrete stuff"
"Specific exercises on uncertain questions brings people together on a mental level. They can understand each other and communicate ideas that would normally, when discussed explicitly, not be easy"

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