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  Scenarios ... create context

As we, seemingly relentlessly, move up on Maslow's Hierachy, as the changes that sourround us keep accelerating and as our world becomes steeper all the time, we can no longer take the context of our lives for granted.

Not too long ago - maybe 2 or 3 generations before us - that context was geographic, and it changed very, very slowly. You grew up into it and could use it your entire life.

But today, as you fly to your well-deserved holiday destination, you meet more cultures on that one flight than your grandmother did in her lifetime. Context isn't that warm and comfortable feeling of security anymore, it has become a variable. You don't get it with your mother's milk anymore, you have to create it yourself.

One of the better ways to this, we found, is to create differing stories about the reality you live in now, as well as the future into which you will move. Not, we wish to emphasize, to tell tall tales, but in order to anchor yourself with integrity in the here and now, and in the future. By creating these stories you re-perceive reality in a new way, you create opportunities and you widen your horizon. We no longer simply endure the future but begin to shape and form it.

These stories - scenarios - take you away from the fearful question 'Will this or that happen?' towards the more confident question 'What can I do, should this or that happen?' Away from bearing the burden towards doing something about it. And because your options are embedded in stories - context - they are easy to communicate and to act upon.

If we made you curious, have a look at a short book I wrote: Scenarios: How to create them and Why you should or contact us.
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