tomorrow is not just another day
  Sustainability ... organises the 'living together' in a steep world

Should you find yourself all by yourself in this world, then sustainability will play absolutely no role in your life. You'll be concerned about survival, naked at that. However, if more and more of us will have to get along in very crowded quaters then sustainability begins to play a decisive role in the life of everyone of us. Because sustainability is but an awkward word for living together: across generations and geography, across time and space, across the self and all the others.

For almost the entire course of humankind - until about 150 years ago, when we set off from the flat world into the steep one - is was scarcity that organized our lives. The question of survival dominated everything: we did not seek a new idol, they sought something to eat.

In the flat world one in ten thousand lived in material abundance. Today, one in six of us does so. In a few generations material abundance went from an oddity to a mass phenomenan and scarcity as an overaching organzing principle no longer works. We need a new one.

Two conditions need to be met by this new principle: 1) It has to moderate and find a balance between all the wants, needs, dreams, hopes and expectations of highly connected people. 2) Since we are reaching deep into the future on a massive scale the new organizing principle needs to be able to weave an appreciation of very long time horizons into our ordinary lives. We are convinced that what lies behind this awkward placeholder sustainability could indeed be a beginning.

If we made you curious, have a look at a short book I wrote: Scenarios: How to create them and Why you should or contact us.
To learn more about societal organzing principles the books by Joseph Campbell are a good start:

Myths to Live By

The Power of Myth

If you prefer to approach this from a business prespective have a look at Strategy for Sustainability

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