We use system dynamics to help you understand your world as it is


Time matters, in a causal way.


Intentionally or not, we shape our surroundings, our world and our future.


Our power is immense. Hence, it is time that we become more conscious, more skilled and more purposeful in the way exercise our influence.


Since living systems are causal feedback loops, learning about and understanding these loops is a good place to start.  Trying to deal with our problems through isolated and highly specialized knowledge alone is no longer good enough in our our fast and highly connected world. We must also understand complex, non-linear feedback systems in order to intervene in them in a purposeful manner.


Nonlinear feedback models help by directing our attention away from noise and singular events towards structure and insight, leverage and intervention points.


Through our long and wide-ranging systems work, we are experienced in using system dynamics and its tools to understand how the world works.


We make our skills available to you, so that intervening in your world minimizes any unintended consequences and maximizes your leverage.


Just because you pull on a blade of grass does not mean that it grows faster.

What we do and how we work

We do research, teach, give presentations and speeches, run projects large and small and, at times, write books.


We can both work for you and with you, depending on your preferences, time-line and budget.


We work privately as well as for the public.

We are skilled in all aspects of systems work, like causal loop modeling, surfacing mental maps, facilitating group modeling, causal story-telling and creating, all the way to full scale computer modeling.

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