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Why blue-way?

We're about orientation in a radically new world. Orientation that allows you to exert influence and to have a place at the table when the rules of the game are being negotiated.

Radically new world, well, you will probably be thinking that you have heard such exaggerations before. But before you click away from this page, have a look at this time series (Source is here). It shows the number of people on this earth since the year zero. For 1800 years the series is essentially flat, annual percentage growth takes place in the third digit behind the decimal point. Let's call these 1800 years (and the thousands of year before) the flat world. Around 1800, the curve starts to bend upwards, for about 100 years, in to order to point virtually straight up. Let's call these last 100 - 150 years the steep world.

OK, what's all this to do with orientation? Quite simply, all our trusted aids to orientation - science, deductive reasoning, forms of government, schools, pedagogy, religions, instincts, reflexes, all the way to our highly rated commonsense - originate in the flat world. A world that no longer exists. That is why these 'aids' at best no longer 'aid' us; at worst they actually harm us. It is as if you barrel down the autobahn at 140 mph with your reading glasses on - you need an exceptionally competent guardian angel!

What to do? We need new tools for orientation, fit for the steep world in which we actually live. A world, in which we, by shere dint of numbers, have become system-relevant: that means, for example, that simply by living our ordinary lives we actually change the climate, we melt the ice at both poles, we raise the sea level and we shift fertile agricultural zones by hundreds of kilometers.

However, we don't just live ordinary lives: We generate debts that generations after us will have to pay off; we invent plastics that will exist for centuries; we produce radioactive waste that needs to be managed for thousands of years; and we work diligently to create an internet that never forgets.

In other words, we intervene massively in a world and a future without really knowing what we are doing - at 140 mph, with just our reading glasses on.

We at the blue-way are working to develop and apply new orientation tools: nonlinear dynamic models, as a tool to understand and benefit from complex, non-linear feedback systems; scenarios as an efficient communication tool for this steep world; and sustainability as an organizing principle for this huge number of people we are a part of.

We do this, so that we can find our way around in our steep world, so that we can influence things and be part of those who will determine the rules of the game. If we made you curious, read on and contact us.

You can download a somewhat longer answer to the question Why blue-way?, about 100 pages, here.

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