UNDERSTAND - how the world works

IMAGINE - how it could be better

INTERACT - to make it happen


The world, at least on the time scales that matter to us, is a living system. We humans are deeply embedded in this system and affect it to an extraordinary extent. Thus it is useful to understand how living systems, us included, use feedback loops to stay alive and prosper.


As Yuval Harari writes in Sapiens, it is our ability to talk about things that do not exist that gives us the predominance we have on this planet. With that ability comes the responsibility to talk about something that does not yet exist - the future - so that we create the chance that the future may be better than the past or present.


To make the future - hopefully better, but certainly not yet exiting - actually happen, we need to interact deeply with each other. Mere transactions, mere deal-making won't get us there.

Ulrich Golüke: I was born a long time ago in Neuwied, Germany. I have since lived in a few countries and helped raise a few children. Over the years I've had the great fortune to work with some of the finest colleagues one can wish for. Bill Shaffer, Barry Richmond, Dennis Meadows and Jorgen Randers taught me system dynamics, Ged Davis and Betty Sue Flowers exploratory scenarios. And from my mother I learned that one should always leave a place just a little bit better than one found it. ...

I keep trying.

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Andrea Cederquist: has years of experience in social change management and communication working for NGOs, corporations and academia.  She is a trained biologist and holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Management and Policy. Her practical and theoretical knowledge in of social innovation comes from her experiences in CSR-reporting in the private sector, working as a campaigner within the NGO sector, and through her current academic engagement in the field of transformational learning processes,  strategic communication and social entrepreneurship. Her research interests are about theories of change relating to societal transformation and sustainability. She is currently teaching sustainability communication and marketing at the Kiel School of Sustainability (Christian Albrecht Universität zu Kiel), Germany, with a focus on campaigning and communications for societal change.

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